about this blog/day 1

Every day I will write a new post that tells everything for training for the day. The tournament I am currently training for is on April 9th, 2011. At the end of every day I will post the work outs I did, techniques I practiced, how long I wrestled, etc.


I’m a little bit out of shape, so I’m trying to get in shape and gain some muscle, but not a massive amount.


today’s (3/25/2011) work out:

30 minutes live wrestling
Upperbody kettlebell/body weight workout

  • 12 One Armed Pushups
  • 12 K-Bell Snatches 16kg
  • 41 K-Bell Cleans w/ Press 16kg
  • 90 Decline Wide Push Ups
  • 15 K-Bell Two-Handed Swings 16kg
  • 30 K-Bell One Hand Swings, Each Arm 16kg

Not all smshed into together though. Done in a few reps each.


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