I slacked off and didn’t post for most of last week, but after the tournament was all said and done, I left with a 2 – 1 record. I didn’t get the medal I was hoping for or the record I wanted. But nonetheless, I got more mat time.

My first match, I went into the third period with a 2 – 0 lead, halfway through I turned him with an arm bar and wrist for 3 and he got knocked for potential dangerous because some how he grab my leg and twisted  my ankle. End score: 7 – 0.

My second match, about 10 minutes after my first lol, I wasn’t conditioned for. End of first period, my opponent led 5 – 1. Second period, no points were given out. I was the aggressor. End score: 10 – 2. I performed horribly and with more conditioning I think I would have had a lot better chance, because he wasn’t all that much better than me. He was just stronger and in a hell of a lot better shape.

My third match I went out onto the mat pissed because I wanted to take first in at least one off season tournament. The kid shot, I snapped him down and started pushing into him, he stood straight up and I double legged him. I managed to keep him on his back and crawled to the kid and pinned him in a headlock type situation. Fall time :34 seconds.


A few good points I noticed:

  • I kept my elbows in at all times. Snap downs came easy from my opponent’s shots because my elbows blocked. They couldn’t tie my hands up on bottom, etc.
  • Head up. I kept my head up when I shot and had good hard shots, that I kept forward pressure and always was driving.
  • Forward Pressure on top. My first match I held the kid down for three periods and wore him out, going into the third, even though he was more conditioned than me, I had tired him out so much just from keeping forward pressure with a tight waist.

A few bad points I noticed:

  • Head down. I started in bottom position looking down at the mat. You can’t escape like that.
  • I tried to many switches instead of just standing up, but I felt desperate and tried to even the score that way, so I should have just stood up and fought for a take down.
  • I reached back on my second match, and I paid for it with my opponent scoring 3 near fall on me.
  • When I turned my first opponent, I was too high. I needed to readjust when I got him to his side, like you see in the video below:

Now I will begin my summer training. I’m practicing with my coach once a week from now until next wrestling season and I will be training at a gym by house where they have good instructors. I will also attend one or two camps this summer. Most likely a Terry Brands camp at Delta High School, and if I can get enough money, a Ken Chertow camp in Colorado.


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