• 50 pull ups
  • 25 hanging leg raises
  • 25 hanging knee raises
  • 50 double k-bell snatches

my lats and hands have taken a beating from this 50 pull ups a day thing. abs are a little bit sore too from knee and leg raises. overall, i’m feeling a lot better after my few week break and i’m ready to go again. our wrestling banquet was tonight and it made me want to try harder next year. there’s a kid on my team i’d really like to beat for a varsity spot next year, hopefully we’re in the same weight, win or lose, i want to wrestle him. He’s strong, but if I could make it through the first period with him, I think I’d be okay. He has shitty leg riding defense and a bad shoulder, and he is an ass to me, so if I have to rip his shoulder off to win, that’s what i’ll do. “win you live, lose you die” – tom brands (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QdcHrPotm4)

i’ve been reading about Tabata training. I think I might start doing that two or three times a week with k-bells or burpees, or a combo of both.


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