been awhile since i have posted

I took a few weeks off, well, except for pull ups, I still have been doing 50 – 100 pull ups every day. i’m going to start a 5 x 5 program. the program on the strong lift site has bench thou I’m trying to decide if I should switch it with something else or keep it.

i’m thinking i’ll keep it in the lift, just in case. i found 2 IOWA WRESTLING lifts on flowrestling and I’m going to use those also, one of which uses bench press. I’m thinking I’ll do SL5x5 3 days a week, then the two other days I use the Iowa lifts, or just do one Iowa lift a week and switch them up, just as an extra strength helper.

The only thing I don’t like about 5×5 is no power or hang clean, the Iowa workout has hang cleans though so thats good, but I’m still not sure.

Is it better to follow a program like SL5x5? Or just make my own that uses some 5×5 aspects, Iowa lifts, etc to make my own workout regimen?


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