6/21/11 – wrestling practice

Wrestling practice lasted about an hour and twenty minutes. I could tell how much I’ve been working my legs, they were feeling it. My cardio isn’t close to where I want it to be. I was decent on my feet. I need to work on my sweep singles some more. I missed them a few times. My high crotch is coming along good, I need to remember to keep driving and use my head combined with doubling off to knock them over.  Low single was just as effective as my high crotch. On kids I wrestled I went 3 for 3 on low singles.  Missed it both times I tried it on the coach.

My top skills are severely lacking also. It was like I didn’t care, I got sloppy putting my legs in and my tilts sucked. I definitely need to work on this. Next practice I’m going to work on my tilts.

My bottom wrestling sucked. I don’t have the drive to come off bottom. I need to because its easy to get scored near fall on when you just are laying there.


Next practice I am definitely working my top and bottom skills more with ligh take down drilling, going to work on my sweep singles, ankle picks, and arm spins. I’m always scared to hit arm spins, but with practice they should come.


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