Today’s workout was like yesterday’s with the whole ladder deal. Instead C&P I did Get Ups though, and did the pull ups with 30lbs. This workout was a lot tougher than yesterday.  Fun one though, pistols at the end tough though. Got them done though. My last set was broken though, I’d like to be able to do this whole workout with unbroken pistols at the end. The get ups and pull ups were all unbroken which was good.

3 Ladders, 3 Rungs
Get Up Left
Get Up Right
30lb Weighted Pull Up

Pistol Squats 2 x 5

Anyways, I was watching some Cael Sanderson technique videos this morning and a few matches of him. Angles. They are so important. I knew that before, but I never realized how important. When you watch him wrestle he’s always working for an angle. Circling, pushing, pulling, twisting the shoulders, push, club the head, snap, etc. Always looking for an angle for his pick or single or double.  Definitely going to pay more attention and look for more angles in my wrestling.

And this week we lost a young entrepreneur and successful wrestler. Jacob Schlottke. He hosted and was one of the owners at thewrestlingtalk.com. He helped a lot in bringing wrestling to the masses on the internet. He helped me a lot with my ankle picks and cradles. I’m sure he helped many others, just look at the college wrestling forum on the website. Many people tell of him helping. I never met him in person, but he seemed like a helpful and intelligent and very genuine person. Not a lot of people like him.  My condolences go out to his wife, friends and family. RIP Jake.


edit: got inspired. did 50 wide grip pull ups


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