8/14 part 1

haven’t workout yet, but I hurt my elbow yesterday doing Get Ups, I think I might have hyper extended it a little ,or something. feels okay today, doesn’t hurt or ache but I’m going to give it one more day to rest and get better, so I’m going to go off the plan of what I had in mind today, was going to do some grip work and push ups and dips, but don’t wanna mess anything up with my elbow just yet, so I think I’ll maybe do some Pistol Squats, Hindu Squats and some core work or something. My next post for today will have my workout and maybe a wrestling thought. I’ve still been thinking about angles these past two days. And today, Intensity and Desire has been running through my mind a lot. I’ll post more about it later.

Went camping last night, ready for a shower, peace


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