discipline. that’s something i need more of. I drank two sodas today and kind of dogged it in my conditioning workout. that’ s no way to win state titles.  from now on, i have to get serious. i have to do better. i have to work harder. lately i haven’t talked to a lot of people and when i do its about wrestling, this has made me realize that i don’t need a social life. i need to step my training up to a new level. i need to be more disciplined and be mentally tougher.

i will dominate this year. whatever it takes.  i don’t care if when i’m older i have no friends. i’d rather have state titles. i don’t care if people look at my because my ears are different. i’d rather have state, national and world titles.

Everyday I have to push myself harder. Train smarter, I need to start doing more gymnastics, more calisthenics, more kettlebell, more sandbag, more conditioning, more running, more stretching, more joint mobility, more technique, etc, etc. i have to be better. i have to work harder.


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