took another rest day… well, i wrestled for an hour. same person as last time. did just as well, but struggled with my shots. Need to keep my damn head up. Got sloppy today, took some bad shots.. head down, no set up. gotta stay in the live or die attack mindset. i can’t get scored on cause i take a bad shot with my head down, i have to work harder than that and make damn sure my head stays up and i set up my shots when i shoot.

The good thing i noticed today was my conditioning, I’m in pretty good shape, I don’t breathe very hard when we are going live. I feel like I will be able to keep up with everyone this year. Going to do extra sprints, sit ups, push ups and pull ups after every practice this year. I WILL WIN

did some joint mobility. the Steve Maxwell Daily Baker’s Dozen. Makes my body feel better, probably going to do that with some aerobics for this week, let my body rest with the strength training, i’ll still do some core, Hindu Push Ups, and Squats, just feel like I need a little time off. nothing too major. anyways, peace


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