this day was scattered. didn’t have a plan, the only thing I knew I was going to do was a 2 mile jog to truly test out my new shoes.

20lb Dumbbell Press 2 x 15

20lb Dumbbell Shrug 4 x 20

Front Neck Bridge Dumbbell Holds 30 seconds

Rhomboid Push Ups 2 x 20

Neck Bridge 30 seconds

Neck Bridge K-Bell Pull Over 2 x 5

Neck Bridge 40lb Press 2 x 10

Weighted 5lb Hanging Knee Ups 3 x 10

2 mile jog – 9:24

Jog went a lot faster than I thought, I think its really on like 1.8 miles. I need to check for sure. Going to start doing 2 mile jogs three times a week, then the next week do 3 miles, next week 4 miles, and just stay at 4 miles until the season starts. But after two weeks and 4 miles I’ll probably do 2 days of jogging and 2 days on anaerobic exercise. Gotta get in good shape so that’s its not so hard to get into wrestling shape. gotta be better conditioned than anyone else.  While I was running I kept thinking about that old video of Gable, before the Olympics and he’s running through the rain and the narrator talks about how intense his training was, and how running through the rain wasn’t intense compared to what else he did or something like that. Very cool video.

Video for anyone that hasn’t seen it. I’m ready for Wednesday. I wanna tear limbs off people. This is the only thing that matters. This is my zone. This is my control. No matter what I do, I have to condition more, wrestler harder, drill more, work harder and want it more if I’m going to succeed. Take that if out actually, I’m going to succeed and I don’t give a damn what it takes to get there.


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