wrestled at the high school today. i need a harder partner to wrestle. I’m not going to get any better destroying the same kid over and over. I hit a lateral drop and two double over step behind throws, an arm throw, bunch of low singles, blast doubles, normal doubles, duck unders, etc. I hit pretty much everything I know. I think he’s making me worse because I;m starting to get sloppy, which is bad.

Been feeling a little weird about wrestling, well, life lately. I try to keep my personal life out of this blog but I hate talking about this shit with people, but I’m going to post it here ha.

I feel like I’m falling behind, social skills wise. I feel like I should care and try to get better at the social side of life, but I just don’t care. I wanna be a good wrestler. I don’t give a shit if I’m good at talking to girls and getting them to like me. The only thing I’m interested in is wrestling and some times music. I don’t really care about anything else, I was trying to think of things I’d talked about with different people a little bit ago. I only remember the wrestling topics. Well, and I remember earlier today some girls asked me about the bruise on my forehead that I must have got wrestling at UVU and my cauliflower ear. Ha. Its funny, only two years in and I have a cauliflower ear and the other one is started, but I don’t care. I know I should, but I don’t. I just want to be a good wrestler. And I believe I am getting better and getting to where I’m a good wrestler, but then I want to be a better wrestler and then a great wrestler. I wanna win state titles. I wanna work for those state titles.

I only care about wrestling and keeping my grades up. Nothing else matters. People try and bring me down all the time, make fun because I don’t have a girlfriend or even a girl that likes me as more than a friend, but it doesn’t matter. I’m tired of being so damn meek when people say shit. I think I’m just going to start being more aggressive. Maybe it will carry over to the mat.

Sorry for the long rant, just felt like I needed to post it, it sounds whiny. I hate it ha ha. Peace


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