Weighted Chin Up @ 50lbs

Weighted Pistol Squat @ 20lbs

L-Seat – 10 seconds

Another easy workout, have family here from Az. Not much time to work out. Went fishing this morning and after noon and had a family dinner tonight. Originally planned on getting a good Sandbag/Burpee work out in. But this one will do I guess.

Legs felt weak here, don’t know why I was struugling getting 20lbs. My goals for these are chin ups with 100lbs and pistol squat with 50lbs. It will take awhile but I’ll get there. I need to start working on my handstand again. Can’t hold it for shit. I’d like to be able to get 30+ second handstands. Would like to get my L-Seats up to 30+ seconds also, I struggle to get 10 seconds. Still need to focus on wrestling, but I’d like to get all these up in numbers. Need to make a wrist roller too, my forearms aren’t nearly as strong as I want them to be or need them to be. I’m going to start working wrists more in wrestling so I need stronger forearms and stronger grip. I should be a CoC Gripper too, that would probably help.


Finished it up tonight with some neck work; bridges, front bridges, front bridge row, back bridge press, back bridge pull down and shrugs. gotta get that neck bigger.


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