Rest day. But I did mess around with some KB thrusters, did about 20 each arm.  did some push ups too.

Family was still here so I didn’t have tons of time to work out. Tomorrow I’m going to do a Carry – Run – Press workout, probably do 100yd sandbag (90lbs) carry, run 100yds, sandbag clean and press x 5 or 10 and repeat two more times. Should be a fun little workout Need to do another 2 mile run and get my real time. I want to beat the school record for the two mile, which is 9:50 on the track. I think I can beat it, I’m going to start doing hill runs for 10, then 15 and then finally 20 minutes at a time and more sandbag runs, a long with a more consistent running and aerobic program with some anaerobic stuff thrown in, so I should be able to beat the record I hope. But, anyways, I was supposed to wrestle tomorrow, against one of the best kids on the team but apparently he’s “sick as shit” Damn flu. I wish I could quit my job and wrestle everyday after school, and after I wrestle get a good workout in. Mix the wrestling up with sparring, drilling and live, and just go crazy with it and have a few different partners, but that’s a dream. Not enough partners for that, unless people quit the football team, but everyone loves football too much for that, so I’ll have to become the bets with what I’ve got. Anyways, I’m out. Hopefully i get to wrestle tomorrow.

Thanks to all the troops who defend this country and condolences to anyone who lost a loved one in the 9/11 Terrorist attacks.




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