My Role Model

When I posted that last workout, for 9/12, on wordpress, it gives you some prompts, and one of the suggestions it had was who is your model model? or something to that effect, just thought I’d write a little about my role model.

My role model is probably my dad, with Dan Gable and the Brands Brothers being close second-thirds. My dad is my role model because how hard of a worker he is. I remember only about 1 or 2 days he didn’t go to work in my whole life so far. because he was sick or hurt, well, never because he was hurt. His rotator cuff is shot, and he re herniated a muscle in his calf that he never got fixed the first time it herniated, but he goes to work and lays block every day. He has to leave my family for a week at a time, sometimes more, when I was in fifth grade he’d come home every three weeks because he worked so far away. He was a two time state champion wrestler. He has a lot of discipline and isn’t afraid to make sacrifices for my family. Maybe he learned some of those traits from his wrestling days, I don’t know. But I do know he is the hardest worker I have ever met. He is strong, he only weighted 132 in HS, well that was the weight he took state in his senior year. He could bench like 320, dead lift 480 and squat 400, he was an animal. He was only like 4′ 11″ or something. Still tough as ever.

He has taught me a lot, whether it be wrestling, life, or even just hunting and fishing. He’s a work horse, and a mentor and a damn good Dad. And I’m proud to say he is my role model.

Sorry if this post seemed weird, just thought I’d give him some props for all that he has taught me.


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