wrestled at the school today.

My ankle picks are shitty. I can’t set them good and every time i go for one, it seems like they know its coming, I only hit about two or three good ones a practice. Been working it from everywhere, elbow control, over collar snap, collar/wrist, etc. I wanna get good at them and destroy kids with them, but I gotta make it feel more fluid.

One of those days I feel like I’m falling behind. But I know, I’m gaining ground. I just feel like I should be better by now. But who knows? We’ll see if I have gotten any better on Wednesday when I go to wrestle at UVU.

Gotta work tomorrow, so I doubt I’ll get a work out in. I hate it. I’m probably going to have to work for the Homecoming football game, I would have like to have gone. Oh well. I wanna put people in dirt on Wednesday. Tired of losing to kids that aren’t much better than me. Gotta stay tough on the hand fighting and not give up easy points and score every point I can and just keep building my leads. I wanna get a sandbag/sprint workout in on Thursday if it’s nice outside. Probably could do one Friday too if its nice. Homecoming is next Friday I think, whenever the 30th is. I don’t even care anymore. Football games are probably just a damn distraction.


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