Yesterday was a rest day.

Today I wrestled at UVU. I didn’t do as well as I wanted.My dad came with and coached. I lost to a kid from delta that weighed 25lbs more than me 5 – 0. Lost to a kid from Delta my weight 6 – 0. Lost again to another kid my weight 4 – 2. I’m sucking it up. My dad says my heads down (whats new? I need to fix that now) and I’m standing too straight in my stance, need to get lower. My low singles aren’t worth shit cause I’m diving it from a straight up stance, and they already know its coming, well, with all my shots actually. I need to learn to throw more fakes in. My hand fighting is getting better. I should be beating the second and third kid I wrestled. Just a few little things I need to work on. I’m right there with them.


Most likely going to get a barbell workout in tomorrow. Power Cleans, Squats, Sprints and Farmer Walks. Anyway, I’m out. Later.


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