Going with the best

I’ve been thinking tonight and I’ve realized that I’ve been going good and close with the best kids that go to UVU, and most of them have wrestled on Team Utah or placed at state or been varsity on a state championship caliber team. I hate thinking its okay to go close, you have to wrestle to dominate but I feel like I’m right on the edge of domination if I could just fix my stance and keep my head up when I shoot and work a two on one tilt from the top position and ride legs better. I’m getting better every week and I still think I have a chance at a state title. Just gotta go close with the best and then I’ll start beating them.

Been watching some Elbrus Tedeev matches lately. His ankle picks are slick. Kolat beats him, but I really like this match. They are both very aggressive. I need to use a lot more motion in my stance and use snaps and fakes to keep my opponent off balance.


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