0 – 2.

Shit. I don’t know whats up. I just suck. I’m not driving through my shots, I stop, I need to drive, but I just get to the leg and stop. I’d win my matches if I did that because I can get to the legs every time I shoot. I need to hit my damn ankle picks too, I get to UVU and go brain dead. Its ridiculous. Open mat tomorrow at the school, hopefully more kids will show up.Lost to two Delta kids, was close with one and got pinned and the other one, I’m not sure what happened, but I got pinned. Suckin’ it up. I gotta beat a Delta kid before this ends. I can’t lose to every damn one I wrestle.

Probably going to go on a run tomorrow. Maybe a 3 mile one. No school on Friday, think some girls are coming over after the volleyball game to watch a movie. It will be the first time I’ve hung out with girls and just chilled for a long time. There’s a really cute one hopefully coming. She’s a year younger than me. I don’t know why but I think she’s cute. Anyways, back to wrestling. I’m sure you guys don’t wanna read about that shit.

My stance and motion was a lot better today, I think if I would have tried I could have hit a low single or two on the first kid I wrestled. I feel weak. Need to learn to beat stronger wrestlers. Get in better shape and drill more, gte better technique.

Anyways, I’m going to bed. Later.


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