Rest day yesterday. Was feeling sore, also had to work or I would have went on a jog.

Kettlebell Clean and Press @ 1 Pood
5 x 5 – each side

5 Rounds
20 Push Ups
30 Squats

Wasn’t too bad, legs need work I felt like my squats were slower than what they should have been.  Push ups were all unbroken and quick. Want to work on things like this more. Gotta make my body tired.

2 mile jog
First mile was up hill. Sort of steep for the first quarter mile then it progressively gets steeper. Not sure how to describe it, but at the last quarter mile you are running up at about a 40 – 45 degree angle.Took a short rest at the top, like 15 seconds or so and started back down. This run felt good. Took about 16 minutes. Seems like a lot, but I guess when you’re running up hill its not too bad. Wanna work on this and get it better.

A friend of mine, Sackett, recommended me to read this 5 Step Self Confidence Formula by Napoleon Hill. It makes a lot of sense. I’m going to start using it. Gotta kill it this year in wrestling. http://www.clicknewz.com/1269/5-step-formula-for-building-self-confidence/

There’s the address if you wanted to look it up. Comes from one of Napoleon Hill’s books, can’t remember which one it said, but its sounds great and it changed my friends life. So I figure it wouldn’t hurt if I started using it.

Anyways, I’m out, peace


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