Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about something one of my coaches, Coach Mark, said.

“We’re going to take people out into the deep water, and they get scared and can’t swim, and then they drown”

He means taking them into the third period and dominating them. Being in better shape then them and just keep pecking away until they break, or “drown.” I think this is a great philosophy and it makes me push myself harder in practice. If I get tired when we are running or conditioning I ask myself how I’m going to drown people if I can barely keep afloat myself. If I can keep this mentality, I know it will push me far. Look at what it did for Iowa. They believe in their conditioning and they’ll take anyone they don’t break before the third period into the deep water and drown them. Just absolutely dominate them. That’s what I want. I want to dominate everyone.

My goals for tomorrow are:

  1. Beat everyone in conditioning
  2. Improve stance and motion
  3. Work on low single set up and cheap tilt from tight waist chop.

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