11-12 and others

sorry, don’t get on the computer much anymore now that wrestling has started.

practice is going good, I’m beating or going about even with everyone. If I could get to my offense on one kid I’d kill him, but he has a good elbow pass every time I get on the head. once i figure out what i’m doing wrong, i’ll hit ankle picks all day. working on a knee pull single, i like it more than your regular sweep single.

been working on it occasionally and review it on flowrestling’s techniquewave from Cael Sanderson every night. i need to stay after practice and drill it some time because its a great move.

Got hydrations today (11-12-11)
Should go pretty good. I woke up this morning, took a piss and stood on the scale, 137.6. Not bad. I’m going 138. I’d like to try to certify at 132 but I don’t see it happening. Pretty sure I’d be more competitive at 138, the cut just seems steep from 144 to 132, and I’m so tall its usually water weight I have to lose, then I wrestle like shit. So, whatever happens happens at this point. Gotta get some more water in me, maybe eat some granola or a few egg whites.

Anyways, I’ll try to update this more often, but for right now, I’m out. Peace.


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