KB TGU 5 minutes
Alternating arms after each rep

Handstand Push Ups
5 x 5

KB Swings + Jump Roping

25 swings, 25 jump rope

Not too bad of a workout, pretty much a aerobic workout after the turkish get ups. I wish I could get certified for kettlebells. I think my swings are wrong. Need to see if anyone around here knows how to use them and can teach me.

Can’t wait for practice tomorrow. Should be fun. Wanna beat up Brady and hopefully Cruz. Red and white night is coming up. Gotta get better.

Yesterday I talked about that kid’s elbow pass. My problem is I have too much space, my forearm and elbow needs to be close, if not jammed into his chest with my hand deep enough I could grab his ear if I wanted. There was too much space so he had room to pass it when I pushed in. Not any more.


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