Sorry, I don’t post as much any more, I’ll probably post about twice a week now that wrestling is in full swing.

Yesterday I got killed. Didn’t get to my offense very well and couldn’t get off bottom, still won both matches I wrestled. One with a kid named Cheeks that sucks, and another with Connor, one of the studs. Connor put his legs in and beat the shit out of me on top.

Came home after practice and my dad worked on me with leg riding defense and an escape from it.

I don’t give a fuck what it takes to beat Connor and Cruz completely. If I have to break fingers, arms, shoulders, legs, twist knees. Whatever it takes , I’m going to get it done, once in a while they catch me. I don’t want that. If I have to break every finger on both hands and rip the arms off both shoulders. I will win. I will be varsity. I will be a state champ. I will be the best wrestler on the team. I will not lose.

This isn’t a sport anymore. Its me. I don’t give a shit anymore. I’ll do whatever I have to do do succeed. Going to start going to weights next week, on Wednesday. Red and White night (inter squad duel) is on Tuesday. I’ll wrestle either Connor or Cruz. I know they are not working out on the weekends, or lifting before school and practice or running a few extra sprints, doing some extra pull ups after practice. This is where I will succeed. Failing isn’t an option.

I will break Cruz. I will break Connor. I will succeed.

I’ll post my workout later.


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