11-19 workout

Reverse Lunges/Push Up (4 intervals each)

Pistol Squats 2 x 5
One Arm Push Ups 2 x 5

Didn’t do too hard of a workout today, did some tabata and then 2 x 5 pistol squats & one arm push ups. Tomorrow I think I am going to do a Tabata Squat with a 1 mile run for time right after I finish up. Should be a fun workout, haven’t ran for a while outside of wrestling practice. Work that anaerobic and aerobic conditioning.


2 responses to “11-19 workout

  1. endurancetrainingblog

    What is tabata

    • Tabata is a High Intensity Interval Training workout.

      Its 8 rounds of 20 seconds work (as hard as you can go), and 10 seconds active recovery.

      The link below will help explain it a little better. Sounds kind of flaky at first, but you once you try it you know it’s working something if you’re doing it right.
      Tabata Training

      Thanks for the comment,

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