3 rounds

run 800m
rest 2:00

was supposed to be for time, but i all i had was my phone and it kept resetting in my pocket and i didn’t have any where else to put it, so i just ran as hard as i could and timed the 2:00 rest. this was a weird workout. you’d go really hard and then after the 2 minute rest period, i felt like i was completely recovered. stole this from the crossfit main page, it was a WOD last week or the week before that.

3 x max l sit hold (on paralettes)

16 seconds, 21 seconds, 17 seconds

this could be better. i should be getting 30+ seconds. need to work on it more. make my core stronger.

i’m using this post to make a new commitment and well, goal set, i guess. practice is easy this year, so I feel like i need to work harder out of the practice room to be as fit as the other teams, strong as the strongest wrestlers and technical as the most technical wrestlers.

1. drill after practice for 15+ minutes
2. lift weights 2x a week
3. condition after practice 3 to 4x a week
4. maintain a good grade point after (3.7+ GPA)

these are my four goals. if i do that, i think winning will come naturally. i plan to drill for 15 minutes or more after practice after practice. even if i just have to set the timer up and shadow wrestle in 1 – 3 minute intervals. or, if i could get someone or one of the coaches to stay after, even better. i plan to start lifting barbells now. going to do squat, clean, dead lift, bench, overhead press and lunges to maintain and get stronger, i will also do more grip work and do a lot of bodyweight to get extreme body control and body awareness. i will condition 3 or 4 times a week depending on many practices we have (usually 3). and out of the room, i will maintain a 3.7 GPA in the classroom, hopefully to help with a scholarship or at least get me into a good college.


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