Red and White Night Results

Last night was Red and White night. The inter squad dual deal.

I wrestled Cruz. I got caught and pinned in a cradle from a front headlock because of one mistake. He’s strong enough that I can’t make mistakes like that for him to capitalize. Not just him, but every other strong wrestler.

I was pinned in the first period, he took a bad shot and I sprawled hard, he didn’t even get to my leg, but he came up and I hand my head down he jumped up and got the front head and arm and then i just stepped forward with the wrong leg. I’ve beat him in practice so it pisses me off to know I should have won that match. A lot of my family was there, it was embarrassing to lose in front of everyone like that. Especially on some fluke thing like that.

I’ll post the video sometime. Having computer issues again, don’t know if this laptop has a fire wire cable spot, but I’ll see what I can do.

Going to get a good workout in. I’ll post it after. Peace.


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