How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? Hope it was good and you ate a lot. I still feel full from yesterday and I didn’t even eat very much. Been real low on weight lately. Sticking around 140 when I wake up. Not complaining, but I might mess that up today. My dad’s making biscuits and gravy. I’ll be okay to splurge once ha ha.

Started today off with some coffee, read some wrestling forums and now I’m watching John Smith. Few guys on thewrestlingtalk critiqued my match. i like to try and wrestle like John Smith, well, John and Cael I guess. They told me I need to wrestle with heavy hands in the tie and move my feet more, and take advantage of my short offense and reshots. Also that I need to use circling more and not so much off the forward/backward movement. Good dose of shadow wrestling and extra drilling should help that.  I never realized how often I could shoot a low single reshot. Definitely need to capitalize on that.

Today is just going to be a light day, since i skipped my rest day yesterday. Going to hit a few pistols on each side, work on some static handstand holds, few handstand push ups maybe, not really sure yet, we’ll see though. I’ll edit and post the workout in a bit after I eat breakfast and let it settle.

20 Pistol Squats L/R for Time

Not too bad of a workout, but a challenge nonetheless. I’m not very good at pistols on my left leg so they were broken a lot. My right leg were all unbroken, I went 10 L/R, 5 L/R, and 5 L/R. Left leg was broken a lot, I did the first 7 or 8 unbroken and then it was every 2 – 4 pistols, they got broken. Not too bad of a time though I don’t think. I’d like to get it in under 3, but I’ll be shaving :49 off, if I keep working pistols as much as i have been lately (i do two or three at a time a few times a day) then this time should go down. I did about 15 pistols earlier today just messing around with them, so I’m not mad about this time. If you try this workout, post your time to the comments section.


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