had practice today.

we didn’t reallu go live aside from a few top/bottom drills that i dominated. i didn’t get turned and i scored a turn every time except for once.  then we ran a lot of stairs.

i get a wrestle off with cruz tomorrow. can’t fuck this time up. he doesn’t have a lot of heart, so if i can score the first takedown and ride him out for the period, maybe score off a cheap tilt, even if its just for a 2 count and build a lead. even a 4 – 0 lead going into the second will break him, he’s not in very good shape either, so as long as i just wrestle smart, build a lead, look for pins, i should be good. in the third period, depending on how broke he is mentally, or if he’s really tired i might start the takedown and cut game.  we’ll see.

the paleo diet isn’t really working out. started today off good. had two overhard eggs with a tangerine and some raspberries. nice breakfast, filled me up. at lunch, i was pretty hungry and ended up eating school lunch – breaded chicken sandwich with fries – not the most cave man-esque food. for dinner, i had some grilled chicken (about 4oz) with some cucumber and celery and a lot of water.not too bad except for lunch, its just hard because there’s no where i can really go to get cave man food. might have to start bringing it from home.

wrote my goals down tonight. “LAYNE KUBOTA 3A 2012 STATE CHAMPION” “I WILL DESTROY CRUZ” “I WILL BE VARSITY” and “LAYNE KUBOTA WIN by TF OVER CRUZ” Wrote them all down several times each. Mostly the state champion one. Also did some mediating, first I cleared my mind and after that I just visualized beating everyone in my weight class at our school and making varsity. I plan on doing this more through the season, as the season goes on, it will shift to beating everyone. Period.

but, for now, i’m out. i’ll keep you updated. peace.


3 responses to “11-28

  1. I tried paleo for a while, it’s hard, unless you have the time to prepapre every meal in advanced, your going to end up having to “cheat” on it. I lasted just over three weeks roughly, felt, great doing it, it was just becoming to much if a pain.
    I’m liking the goals man, hope everything works out for you.

    • Yeah, I’m going to try and take it a little more seriously tomorrow. I’ve heard some great results. i don’t know if I’ll stick to it forever if I like it, but I definitely wouldn’t mind staying around the core concept of it and pre-planning if I do like it.

      Thanks, man.Great post about explosive legs. I’m going to do one of those workouts tonight, throw a link up on here for you.

      Have a good one!

  2. Yeah, I keep to it roughly, not as strict as some though, I still have pasta and the like.
    Ah, glad you liked it, Let us know how it goes!

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