today was a short practice. only about an hour and a half. pretty much to get your weight off. i walked in kind of heavy. woke up at 141.6. ate two eggs and had a tangerine.

for lunch, i ate what i shouldn’t have. i had a scoop of mash potatoes and white gravy and two rolls – probably the worst thing i could have eaten. went into practice probably 142.5 – 143.5. forgot to check.

had a good, hard warm up. wrestled one live match, which i beat connor 10 – 2. Major Decision. did 3 man groups after, i won every time i wrestled. then we did 3 over times with barrel/monkey rolls.

left weighing 139.3. i need to weigh 140 tomorrow. i weighed 139.8 at home, going with the wrestling room’s scale. after my shower i was 139.6 at home, so probably about 139.1 on the wrestling scale. eating a little bit of ramen noodles and some water. if i’m under enough in the morning i’ll probably have some eggs.

anyways, i’m out. later

edit: went for a 2 mile jog. lost a pound. back to 140.0. had a tangerine, took my l glutamine supplement and now i’m sipping a gatorade. should be good to go and easily make weight tomorrow.


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