12-2 / 12-3 Millard Iron man Tournament

Did okay at this tournament. Its all the toughest teams in the state except for two or three (then they are a little below average, like my team). i had to wrestle on the independent team, which is like the best JV guys put on their own team. I lost my first match, got killed. Pinned really quick. The next match the 138 on my team hurt his knee so I had to wrestle for him and I wrestled the same kid, scored a takedown and some back points, but he ended up pinning me again, I need to work off getting off bottom. Wrestled a kid from Wasatch twice, close match both times but lost. Got killed by last years state runner up from Cedar. I ended up going 2 – 5. I beat Hurricane and South Sevier. Wasn’t a horrible tournament, but I should have been able to beat the Wasatch kid. Just couldn’t get to my offense very good like I should have. Need to work on some things next week, I’ll do better next week. Can’t get any worse, only where to go is up, just have to keep improving.


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