taking a rest day today. with a lot of stretching and joint mobility.

sore back, knees and shoulders. everything else seems to be alright, just a little stiff. been getting my matches on the computer, i will probably upload them tonight or tomorrow sometime. had a few good ankle picks this weekend and got to my low single, i just didn’t finish. got lazy and didn’t even try to come out the back door.

after watching my matches i realized i need to work to build bigger leads and work on my conditioning. the juab winter classic tournament will be a different story. i will be in better shape. i will finish my low singles. i will turn people. and i will win more than two matches.

coach ashworth said he was going to work with me on some set ups and other shots this week because i’m quick and look the best on my feet and he thinks i would do better taking people down and cutting them. also wanted to work on my throws a little bit. i’m excited for practice this week.need to stay tough and just keep battling.

i’ll probably stay after practice two or three days next week. condition more and drill a little bit. going to lift in the morning. do some hang cleans, back squats, dead lift and pull ups most likely.


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