had a hard practice today. lost 6 pounds in sweats and a t shirt. lot of live drilling, live wrestling on the feet and ran a lot of sprints. i was the leader for most of the sprints. i really pushed myself. i want to do better. pretty sure i’m wrestling varsity this weekend because of the varsity kid’s knee.

we played king of the mat today, i placed top 5. even with the bigger guys, i hit a sweet duckunder on the varsity 195 kid, well, it was more of a boot scoot. we duel delta on thursday and we’ll be wrestling at the juab winter classic tournament, a 9 match round robin tournament. i’ve really been working on my outside shots, low singles. hit a lot of good low singles today and had a few decent picks. need to work on the tie up a little more, i’m not horrible but i could be a lot better. need to work on getting off bottom too. not very good there.

going to stay after practice tomorrow and work on coming up off the bottom, motion and creating angles in the tie up and then last, motion and creating angles; shooting outside the tie. i’m going to work on posting arms, looking for high crotches and doubles, also working on my stance and motion to get my low singles and finishing out the back door because at millard, i got into the legs deep and couldn’t finish out the back door, i would have scored 6 more points with it and probably could have majored the kid.

anyways, i’m out for the night. peace


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