went hard in practice today. got off a lot of weight. walked out 1 pound under. drills went okay, i’m not very good on top, i’d rather just cut people loose and take them down again. but worked on some bar arms and halfs and a few breakdowns any ways.

i pinned the varsity 145 in a near side cradle in the second period, the score was tied at the time. then i wrestled the varsity 132, a short, stalky kid that’s stronger than hell and I beat him 9 – 7. I’m more impressed about this win because he used to kill me, like pin me in the first 45 seconds last year. i used a lot of motion out of the tie up, and if he tried to tie up with me i’d bang on his head real hard and keep moving him looking for my picks. scored all my shots from the outside though.

we have a duel against delta on thursday. it will probably be a massacre. i’ve wrestled the kid i have to wrestle before, if i wrestle varsity, which i probably will because cruz’s knee is still messed up. the kid is a little bit taller than me and likes ankle picks, russian ties, tilts and leg riding. he used to beat me a lot. usually by no more than 5 points. i’ve gotten a little better, should be a good match. he’s ranked 5th in the 3a rankings. i’d like to take that ranking from him.


4 responses to “12-6

  1. Hope everything goes well on thurs mate

    • Thanks, I’ll post one of your workouts soon. Just a little bit lazy too practice for a few hours and come home and do another workout, but I need to. I’ve been using your Lightning Feet workout, just not the full thing and I’ve noticed a lot of improvement. I need to start working the full thing consistently once or twice a week.

  2. very glad it’s working for you, hope it helps

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