Make Me Like Gable

I wanna be like Gable. I love the technique of John Smith and the Russians. But more so than that, I like Gable’s work horse style. It fits my personality.

The biggest belief in life and in wrestling that I have is hard work will pay off sooner or later as long as you keep doing it and stay persistent.

After this wrestling dual and tournament, I’m going to be like Gable as much as I can in the wrestling room and out of it. I will work as hard as I can and a little bit harder in the room. I will work after practice on technique. I will watch film after that. And I will work out two to three times a day. Working on strength and conditioning. just straight up, basic, no shit, hard work and perserverance.

Make me like Gable. Make my body a slave to discipline. Make me a work horse. Make me an animal.


One response to “Make Me Like Gable

  1. Superb my friend! Excellent work ethic, something I’m trying to live by. It’s nice to see someone with this mindset, Englands so lazy…

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