Delta Dual/Juab tournament

Barnburner match with one of Delta’s studs. He beat one of our best wrestlers last year every time they wrestled. It was 6 to 6 going into the third, I held him down for like 45 seconds and he escaped. I was dominating on my feet, getting to my low single every time I shot it except for once, I just didn’t finish as good as I needed to, but I had his leg up in the air and when i tripped him we went out of bounds and he ended up taking me down right after we restarted in the center circle. I lost 6 to 9.

Juab, I lost my first match to Juab, treid to throw him and got bodylocked and pinned. Next match, I wrestled Blackfoot, from Idaho, was beating the kid 5 – 2, got too high on my leg ride and pinned, had a bye, then I scored a major decision over Pine View with a score of 15 to 5. Next day, I beat Pleasant grove 5 to 1, beat Manti 6 to 4. Next match, I got into an upperbody situation and he threw me and I landed on my knee. Its filled up with fluid and the trainer said I  probably pulled something above my knee cap and that I should rest for the rest of today. Didn’t get to wrestle anymore, Coach told me to rest. So overall, i went 3 and 2, which isn’t horrible, because it should have been 4 and 1. i wasn’t far behind the juab kid, i jsut do dumb shit sometimes, but I’m going to go ice my knee and ket it rest, peace.


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