things to work on

gotta few things to work on, sort of a wrestling agenda for this week. i did okay this weekend, not horrible, but there was some matches I should have won that i didn’t do what i needed to to get it done.

first up on the list is turning from the top position. i’d like to learn a cradle series, maybe a crossface cradle and an inside cradle with a few finishes for each. next up on my list is popping my hips when i throw. i need to learn step in, and get a good pop so i can toss them from my overhook position and not get bodylocked and then bear hugged. next up is circling, and not backing up and getting called for stalling. i backed up a lot in my manti match and gave up a point for stalling – part of this has to do with my conditioning. my conditioning is next on this list.

i’m not really sure where my conditioning is at. i have a pretty bad cold and don’t feel all that great and i have asthma on top, so combined with a cold it’s throwing me off a little. i felt good during the delta duel match, went all three periods and wasn’t way tired at the end, this was when i first started getting sick. at the juab tournament, by the third period i was extremely tired and didn’t do what i needed to do to score when i should have. regardless, i’m going to work on my conditioning more so even in tough, tight matches i will be able to stay calm and confident as i know i am in better shape.



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