practice was good today. long, but good. got my weight off. was way under, like 2.3lbs under. so i got to drink some more. practice was a warm up, drilling shots and takedowns, then we wrestled live in groups, switching in and out, then we wrestled a match. during the live group wrestling, i was beating everyone. i gave up a few shitty takedowns that i shouldn’t have, but i’ll work on it. with a cold and a hurt knee i think i could have beat cruz today and wrestled varsity tomorrow but coach doesn’t want me or cruz to hurt our knees anymore than they already are, so i’m wrestling jv for the carbon duel tomorrow.

my goal is to score 7+ takedowns and win by pin or technical fall. i worked on my inside cradle today a little bit and feel good with it, still need to work on my crossface cradle a little bit more. don’t feel as comfortable with it as i do my inside cradle, but i think tomorrow should be a good one. not sure what i’m doing for the manti tournament whether i will wrestle jv or on the independent team. either way, i’m excited to wrestle. although, i’d rather it be against top competition.


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