Region 12/9 Super Region Tournament

State qualifier tournament was this weekend. I didn’t qualify for state.


I was diagnosed with Addinson’s Disease last week, thats why I’m always sick. Which sucks. But Just gotta fight through it.


Went 2 and 2 this weekend. I’m pissed I didn’t make it to state. Lost my first match to the #4 seed by 3 points. Won by next match 7 – 0. Next match I won in 6-4 OT. Next match I don’t know what happened. No energy, first period I got deep in on a low single and didn’t score. Got pinned in the third, the score was 0 to 0 when I got pinned, kid got legs in and ended up getting me in a guillotine.


Gotta start working harder for next year. Now I have to make it to state and win it next year. My goal of a 2x state champion is gone unless I can do good in Freestyle and Greco this year. The coaches are starting a freestyle/greco club, so I’m excited for that.


I’ll keep this updated a little more than. Peace.


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