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Region 12/9 Super Region Tournament

State qualifier tournament was this weekend. I didn’t qualify for state.


I was diagnosed with Addinson’s Disease last week, thats why I’m always sick. Which sucks. But Just gotta fight through it.


Went 2 and 2 this weekend. I’m pissed I didn’t make it to state. Lost my first match to the #4 seed by 3 points. Won by next match 7 – 0. Next match I won in 6-4 OT. Next match I don’t know what happened. No energy, first period I got deep in on a low single and didn’t score. Got pinned in the third, the score was 0 to 0 when I got pinned, kid got legs in and ended up getting me in a guillotine.


Gotta start working harder for next year. Now I have to make it to state and win it next year. My goal of a 2x state champion is gone unless I can do good in Freestyle and Greco this year. The coaches are starting a freestyle/greco club, so I’m excited for that.


I’ll keep this updated a little more than. Peace.


Juab duel

Thyroid has been having problems again. Feel like shit all the time now, went and had blood drawn today so we what I needa to go get feeling better.

Lost a varsity match against Juab in quadruple over time.

Spanish Fork duel/1-20 practice

dueled Spanish Fork on thursday. We won. I won both my jv matches. First match I was beating the kid 16 to 2 when I pinned him. next match i teched the kid. Domination. Now if I could just do that on varsity level kids all the time.

Few more weeks of wrestling left. Gotta get it done this season.

1-20 practice

had a good practice. drilled with chad. went good, he’s flexible and a scrambler so scoring is tough but i manage to score. just have to watch out for his arm throws. wrestled in a match with chad also, first period he scored a takedown, i escaped. second period, i escaped, no other action. third period, he escapes i take him down and turn him for two. i won 4 to 3. next match i wrestled in practice was against brady, first period i scored a takedown and three near fall and he escaped. second period, i escaped and scored another takedown. third period, he got a reversal and i got an escape. 9 to 3 was the score.

doing better, starting to get it back. i woulda scored one more takedown on brady but i hit my cheekbone on his knee and split open pretty good. blood time. but overall it was a good practice


had wrestling practice. went good. scoring a lot. not getting scored on a lot. dropping down to 132.

not in the mood to post lately. peace.


been a few days. haven’t worked out until today.

i did 500 push ups, in sets of 50. took my time, few minutes rest, took about 20 minutes.

got a girlfriend. holy shit. all they do is stir shit up. doubt she’ll last for much longer.

tomorrow i’m going to do 200 pull ups.



It’s time for discipline.

Come January when practices start up again, I’ll be making the cut to 132 pounds. I feel my varsity spot will be there. We have a two pound allowance, so I only need to make 134 on duals and 136 on tournaments, so its not much more of a cut, but i think i will be able to succeed at 132.

i doubt my mom will want me to, but i have to. i have to be good. i can’t have another shitty season. i dont want to be jv. i want to be varsity. i want to succeed.

i’m too small for 138. gotta get down.



had practice. went pretty good. it was my birthday, so i didn’t really want to be there the whole time but whatever. did a lot of live wrestling and then for conditioning we did a ton of box jumps on different box heights.


practice later tonight. spent 15 minutes this morning working on handstands, headstands and head walking