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Had practice today. My partner was a lot heavier than me, but also basically our only chance of having a state champion wrestler this year. I wrestle 138, he wrestles 182. He doesn’t cut so it was only about 40 pound difference and I’m flexible and quick enough that I could use it against him.

During live drills we went about 50-50 with him winning some, and me winning some.

After drills, we did a live match before conditioning. I wrestled him still. He took me down from a front headlock. Held me down the whole first period. Second period, I was stuck on bottom for almost the whole first half of the period, probably about 45 seconds or so. Got to my tripod and got out. He basically stalled for 30 – 45 seconds, I got very offensive. I hit a few over collar shrugs, missed the single and ankle pick from it, barely. I missed it probably 3 – 5 times. With ten seconds left, I hit a duck under but couldn’t get him on the mat before time ran out. Score: 2 to 1 going into the third. He chose down. Ran my spiral and got legs in, held him down the whole period. He bellied out and didn’t work. I was trying to work a power half series almost the whole time, I switched to a Guillotine but couldn’t get it, went back to my power half series. He stalled the whole time, I switched from cross body to parallel leg riding and just couldn’t manage to turn him. Final score: 2 to 1. I probably should have cut him and looked for the takedown, but since he was about 45 pounds heavier than me I don’t think I did too bad.

Looking to beat him by the end of the year.


1-12-12 – 1-13-12

Wrestled the Payson Lions. They were the 4A State Runner ups last year and the 2009 and 2010 4A State Champions. I wrestled JV. I pinned my kid in the third period. Score before that was 9 to 2. Been sick with the flu. Threw up before and after my match. Had a high fever, body aches and that whole deal ha. Record for this season advances to 12 wins, 10 losses.

1/13 and 1/14
Woke up and still had a high fever, still was throwing up. Didn’t wrestle at the Rocky Mountain Rumble. Missed the biggest tournament of the year. I would have improved the most here. But, yesterday I was out of gas by the end of the third period. I know I’m not in bad shape. I go harder than everyone in the room. Always the first done with sprints and first in all conditioning drills. Being sick took it out of me. Throwing up a lot probably didn’t help either. I think I could have won or placed at the JV Rocky Mountain Rumble had I felt good. I missed my chance. Next year, I will have to place in the Varsity Rocky Mountain Rumble.

I need to step it up. Next week we only have two practices before we duel Spanish Fork. No school or practice on Monday. I plan to run on Monday, I also plan to run on Tuesday. I’m going to do sprints on Monday, or maybe go 800m three rounds for time. Then on Tuesday, I will go for a long distance run. From here on out, I really need to buckle down and stay after to work on my techniques, to get in better shape and become an overall better wrestler. I know I’ve said it before and end up not doing it, but for me to qualify and place at the State Championships, I have to do it. I can’t waste anymore time.

1-7 / 1-8

50 Stability ball push ups (hands on ball, feet on floor)

10 wide grip pull ups
10 paralell grip pull ups
10 close grip pull ups
10 wide grip chin ups
10 close grip chin ups

10 pistol squats left
10 pistol squats right

Nothing too fancy here on either day, just wanted to start working out a little bit more on my own. Starting out light, don’t want to get burnt out. Need to start doing burpees again. I need to get in better shape. Lately I just feel slow on my feet and tired when wrestling. I should be destroying every kid in the practice room and on the mat in competition, but I feel slow and sluggish. Going to stay after this week and drill a little bit. Probably run some sprints and bear crawls, maybe some tuck jumps, etc to get my footwork back.


been a few days. haven’t worked out until today.

i did 500 push ups, in sets of 50. took my time, few minutes rest, took about 20 minutes.

got a girlfriend. holy shit. all they do is stir shit up. doubt she’ll last for much longer.

tomorrow i’m going to do 200 pull ups.



woke up today pretty sick, got a head cold, my nose is congested and i’ve got one of those hack coughs. ha ha. my knee was a little sore and stiff. iced it for a while, walked for a while then i iced it again. I’ve been taking ibuprofen every six hours or so. trying to stay on top of it. a lot of the swelling has gone down. it hurt to kneel down on it last night but this morning it’s not too bad. Feels a little bit tender. I’ll be practicing tomorrow. Wear my knee pad on my right side and I’ll have to be careful with it, but I should be fine as long as I take care of it and let it rest today.

We duel Carbon on Thursday and on Friday/Saturday we will be wrestling at Manti’s tournament. Should be a good time.

If I ever get a new graphics card I’ll upload some videos of me wrestling lately. Been using my dad’s laptop because my desktop’s graphic card went out and his laptop doesn’t have a connection for a fire wire. So once i get a new graphics card I should be good to go and be able to upload matches.

Going to do some joint mobility stuff today and keep icing and moving. Peace

Delta Dual/Juab tournament

Barnburner match with one of Delta’s studs. He beat one of our best wrestlers last year every time they wrestled. It was 6 to 6 going into the third, I held him down for like 45 seconds and he escaped. I was dominating on my feet, getting to my low single every time I shot it except for once, I just didn’t finish as good as I needed to, but I had his leg up in the air and when i tripped him we went out of bounds and he ended up taking me down right after we restarted in the center circle. I lost 6 to 9.

Juab, I lost my first match to Juab, treid to throw him and got bodylocked and pinned. Next match, I wrestled Blackfoot, from Idaho, was beating the kid 5 – 2, got too high on my leg ride and pinned, had a bye, then I scored a major decision over Pine View with a score of 15 to 5. Next day, I beat Pleasant grove 5 to 1, beat Manti 6 to 4. Next match, I got into an upperbody situation and he threw me and I landed on my knee. Its filled up with fluid and the trainer said I  probably pulled something above my knee cap and that I should rest for the rest of today. Didn’t get to wrestle anymore, Coach told me to rest. So overall, i went 3 and 2, which isn’t horrible, because it should have been 4 and 1. i wasn’t far behind the juab kid, i jsut do dumb shit sometimes, but I’m going to go ice my knee and ket it rest, peace.


taking a rest day today. with a lot of stretching and joint mobility.

sore back, knees and shoulders. everything else seems to be alright, just a little stiff. been getting my matches on the computer, i will probably upload them tonight or tomorrow sometime. had a few good ankle picks this weekend and got to my low single, i just didn’t finish. got lazy and didn’t even try to come out the back door.

after watching my matches i realized i need to work to build bigger leads and work on my conditioning. the juab winter classic tournament will be a different story. i will be in better shape. i will finish my low singles. i will turn people. and i will win more than two matches.

coach ashworth said he was going to work with me on some set ups and other shots this week because i’m quick and look the best on my feet and he thinks i would do better taking people down and cutting them. also wanted to work on my throws a little bit. i’m excited for practice this week.need to stay tough and just keep battling.

i’ll probably stay after practice two or three days next week. condition more and drill a little bit. going to lift in the morning. do some hang cleans, back squats, dead lift and pull ups most likely.