shittiest practice ever.

lost to connor today. just wasnt me. felt like shit. looked shitty on my feet, didn’t use my motion. didn’t get my level changes and fakes going good enough. wrestled coach cowan. almost scored a take down. got in on a low single. from a missed ankle pick from an over collar shrug. my legs are dead. don’t feel like i have any power in them. in decent shape. i wish i could figure out how to consistently wrestle at my level..



had wrestling practice. went good. scoring a lot. not getting scored on a lot. dropping down to 132.

not in the mood to post lately. peace.


been a few days. haven’t worked out until today.

i did 500 push ups, in sets of 50. took my time, few minutes rest, took about 20 minutes.

got a girlfriend. holy shit. all they do is stir shit up. doubt she’ll last for much longer.

tomorrow i’m going to do 200 pull ups.



It’s time for discipline.

Come January when practices start up again, I’ll be making the cut to 132 pounds. I feel my varsity spot will be there. We have a two pound allowance, so I only need to make 134 on duals and 136 on tournaments, so its not much more of a cut, but i think i will be able to succeed at 132.

i doubt my mom will want me to, but i have to. i have to be good. i can’t have another shitty season. i dont want to be jv. i want to be varsity. i want to succeed.

i’m too small for 138. gotta get down.



had practice. went pretty good. it was my birthday, so i didn’t really want to be there the whole time but whatever. did a lot of live wrestling and then for conditioning we did a ton of box jumps on different box heights.


practice later tonight. spent 15 minutes this morning working on handstands, headstands and head walking

manti tournament

i wrestled jv. i won the jv tournament with ease. 2 pins, 2 majors and a tech fall. it was like a round robin thing that the person with the best record at the end won the tournament in their weight. i was 5 – 0.

hit double legs like crazy, i scored with it every time i shot except for twice.

carbon duel

wrestled jv tonight. had two matches because they had 3 138s I beat both of them. Scored two pins. The first match went into the third and coach told me he had been wrestling a while but i was dominating the whole match and he just quit in the third and i pinned him in a half. next match, pinned the kid a few seconds into the second with a half. had like 8 takedowns tonight. i’ll have to watch teh film and count them to be sure