Sophomore Year Wrestling

Highlights from my first year. I look bad, real sloppy, got a lot better, should be a lot better this year.

Match against Richfield. One of the last in the season, big cut here. Like 15lbs. Reached by hind, could have been bad. Saved myself though, luckily. That kid was a senior, I beat him once at the first Varsity tournament I wrestled, 6 – 0. Beat him here like 12 – 2. Gave up a point on a front headlock and then I put a full nelson on when he tried to peel my half off.

Match against Monticello at the North Sanpete Winter Classic. My fasted fall of the school season.

Sucked it up here. Region match. Big cut. Like 15lbs and then I ran off 1.5lbs more when we got to Region before weigh ins. Was beat before I even started wrestling here. Lots of mistakes. Should have popped my head out the back door on the first double, and gave up number points I shouldn’t have and I sucked at leg riding. Lots of issues here. Not too far off this kid though, I think I’d beat him if we wrestled now.

Pleasant Grove Folkstyle off season tournament match. Another quick pin. Video cut off though. Did pretty good, need to keep my head up on those shots though.


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