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1-7 / 1-8

50 Stability ball push ups (hands on ball, feet on floor)

10 wide grip pull ups
10 paralell grip pull ups
10 close grip pull ups
10 wide grip chin ups
10 close grip chin ups

10 pistol squats left
10 pistol squats right

Nothing too fancy here on either day, just wanted to start working out a little bit more on my own. Starting out light, don’t want to get burnt out. Need to start doing burpees again. I need to get in better shape. Lately I just feel slow on my feet and tired when wrestling. I should be destroying every kid in the practice room and on the mat in competition, but I feel slow and sluggish. Going to stay after this week and drill a little bit. Probably run some sprints and bear crawls, maybe some tuck jumps, etc to get my footwork back.


11-23 wrestling practice

there wasn’t supposed to be practice today because it’s a holiday weekend and a half day, not moratorium yet, but coach tanner didn’t think people would come today. but anyways, coach mark called me and we met at the school and wrestled for about two hours.

we went over front headlock defense – because of what happened last night. we also went over high single finishes, low single finishes, ankle picks, and then on top he really stressed staying behind the arms, covering an ankle and then if someone short sits on you and keeps their elbow in and palm up, instead of coming over top of the arms, to just c grip the back of his elbow and push it so you can get to a two on one. on bottom we worked palm up, elbow in when you are in a short sit position.

i learn so much when i work with coach mark. he taught me some shadow drills, like a level change drill with a reach and then you squat back up. helps with leg strength and makes your stance and level change better, you could do it with a partner if you had one. good practice. even though it was only me and coach mark, oh well, while everyone else is eating and hanging out with friends i’m doing the things they aren’t willing to do and getting better.


Morning Workout
Tabata Burpees
10/11/10/7/9/9/7/11 = 74

I’ll update later with practice info and maybe a evening workout. Gotta be in better shape then everyone!