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Spanish Fork duel/1-20 practice

dueled Spanish Fork on thursday. We won. I won both my jv matches. First match I was beating the kid 16 to 2 when I pinned him. next match i teched the kid. Domination. Now if I could just do that on varsity level kids all the time.

Few more weeks of wrestling left. Gotta get it done this season.

1-20 practice

had a good practice. drilled with chad. went good, he’s flexible and a scrambler so scoring is tough but i manage to score. just have to watch out for his arm throws. wrestled in a match with chad also, first period he scored a takedown, i escaped. second period, i escaped, no other action. third period, he escapes i take him down and turn him for two. i won 4 to 3. next match i wrestled in practice was against brady, first period i scored a takedown and three near fall and he escaped. second period, i escaped and scored another takedown. third period, he got a reversal and i got an escape. 9 to 3 was the score.

doing better, starting to get it back. i woulda scored one more takedown on brady but i hit my cheekbone on his knee and split open pretty good. blood time. but overall it was a good practice


carbon duel

wrestled jv tonight. had two matches because they had 3 138s I beat both of them. Scored two pins. The first match went into the third and coach told me he had been wrestling a while but i was dominating the whole match and he just quit in the third and i pinned him in a half. next match, pinned the kid a few seconds into the second with a half. had like 8 takedowns tonight. i’ll have to watch teh film and count them to be sure


practice went okay today. i’ve got a cold that has to mess with my conditioning and my knee is still a little tender. still went hard and got it done though. drilled a lot today, on the feet going light and then top/bottom going 100% i’m really starting to like short sits and then getting hand control and hip heisting out, or even standing up if i have to, its a good way to create motion on the bottom. been working with some over collar shrug stuff too. i like controlling both sides of the tie, but not very many people let you control both sides, they try to free wrists and fight inside, so if someone takes away my inside collar, i worked on an over collar shrug to a pick and then a low level, throw by type of attack.

wrestled a match in practice today. took my kid down with an over collar shrug to pick, cut him, took him down with a double leg, pinned him in a half. started back up, took him down with another over collar shrug to pick. time ran out. i went down, short sit and hip heisted out and went right back to looking for takedowns. hit a decent low single, cut him, hit a good double leg, good high c, time ran out, he went down, i turned him again with legs in, power halfed and cross faced, let him up, he shot in, i whizzered hard and stuck him again just by keeping my whizzer and hipping into him until i got him on his back. had to do an overtime period, i hit a sweet head snap into a double leg with a trip finish. kid’s not great but he’s not horrible either, he’s wrestling varsity at 126 but the weight cut regulations made him go 132 for a few weeks so he weighed about 132 and i weighed about 138 when we wrestled.

tomorrow should be an easy practice, drilling, getting weight off, maybe a live match or two. then we duel carbon on thursday.


went hard in practice today. got off a lot of weight. walked out 1 pound under. drills went okay, i’m not very good on top, i’d rather just cut people loose and take them down again. but worked on some bar arms and halfs and a few breakdowns any ways.

i pinned the varsity 145 in a near side cradle in the second period, the score was tied at the time. then i wrestled the varsity 132, a short, stalky kid that’s stronger than hell and I beat him 9 – 7. I’m more impressed about this win because he used to kill me, like pin me in the first 45 seconds last year. i used a lot of motion out of the tie up, and if he tried to tie up with me i’d bang on his head real hard and keep moving him looking for my picks. scored all my shots from the outside though.

we have a duel against delta on thursday. it will probably be a massacre. i’ve wrestled the kid i have to wrestle before, if i wrestle varsity, which i probably will because cruz’s knee is still messed up. the kid is a little bit taller than me and likes ankle picks, russian ties, tilts and leg riding. he used to beat me a lot. usually by no more than 5 points. i’ve gotten a little better, should be a good match. he’s ranked 5th in the 3a rankings. i’d like to take that ranking from him.