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1-12-12 – 1-13-12

Wrestled the Payson Lions. They were the 4A State Runner ups last year and the 2009 and 2010 4A State Champions. I wrestled JV. I pinned my kid in the third period. Score before that was 9 to 2. Been sick with the flu. Threw up before and after my match. Had a high fever, body aches and that whole deal ha. Record for this season advances to 12 wins, 10 losses.

1/13 and 1/14
Woke up and still had a high fever, still was throwing up. Didn’t wrestle at the Rocky Mountain Rumble. Missed the biggest tournament of the year. I would have improved the most here. But, yesterday I was out of gas by the end of the third period. I know I’m not in bad shape. I go harder than everyone in the room. Always the first done with sprints and first in all conditioning drills. Being sick took it out of me. Throwing up a lot probably didn’t help either. I think I could have won or placed at the JV Rocky Mountain Rumble had I felt good. I missed my chance. Next year, I will have to place in the Varsity Rocky Mountain Rumble.

I need to step it up. Next week we only have two practices before we duel Spanish Fork. No school or practice on Monday. I plan to run on Monday, I also plan to run on Tuesday. I’m going to do sprints on Monday, or maybe go 800m three rounds for time. Then on Tuesday, I will go for a long distance run. From here on out, I really need to buckle down and stay after to work on my techniques, to get in better shape and become an overall better wrestler. I know I’ve said it before and end up not doing it, but for me to qualify and place at the State Championships, I have to do it. I can’t waste anymore time.



Took a rest day yesterday. Shoulder felt kinda beat up. Tried to do some heavy lateral raises or whatever they’re called with dumbbells, bad idea.

Wrestled at the high school today with Triston and Carter. Beat both of them. Low singles, ankle picks and cheap tilts. Scored a lot, worked my ankle picks from over tie snaps and collar tie & wrist/tricep. Worked cross picks too. They are sick. Hit my low single off misdirections and fakes. Cheap tilts, I’d either cheap tilt them or bar it up and run it. Usually just gave up the tilt though.

Good day overall. Got caught a few times, elbows came out. Got whipped over, but it was always in a spot that any really good wrestler would have bellied out, I’d let my pressure off when I thought he was pinned and then he roll me. Whatever. I know I did good. Looking forward to beating Delta at UVU this week.


Rest day.

Going to go watch the football homecoming game against Carbon. The whole football team says they suck. I don’t think they have much room to talk. Every person on it that wrestles should be focusing on wrestling. There’s not a lot of hope for us at this point in the football season. I’m biased I guess. I hate football. I’d rather see us be a force in the Utah wrestling community. But no one wants to put in time for it. Whatever. I’ll be a force on my own.

Lincoln McIllravy is an exciting wrestler. Watched all of his finals matches today. His Boot Scoot is sick. Anyways, I’m out. Later.