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Had practice today. My partner was a lot heavier than me, but also basically our only chance of having a state champion wrestler this year. I wrestle 138, he wrestles 182. He doesn’t cut so it was only about 40 pound difference and I’m flexible and quick enough that I could use it against him.

During live drills we went about 50-50 with him winning some, and me winning some.

After drills, we did a live match before conditioning. I wrestled him still. He took me down from a front headlock. Held me down the whole first period. Second period, I was stuck on bottom for almost the whole first half of the period, probably about 45 seconds or so. Got to my tripod and got out. He basically stalled for 30 – 45 seconds, I got very offensive. I hit a few over collar shrugs, missed the single and ankle pick from it, barely. I missed it probably 3 – 5 times. With ten seconds left, I hit a duck under but couldn’t get him on the mat before time ran out. Score: 2 to 1 going into the third. He chose down. Ran my spiral and got legs in, held him down the whole period. He bellied out and didn’t work. I was trying to work a power half series almost the whole time, I switched to a Guillotine but couldn’t get it, went back to my power half series. He stalled the whole time, I switched from cross body to parallel leg riding and just couldn’t manage to turn him. Final score: 2 to 1. I probably should have cut him and looked for the takedown, but since he was about 45 pounds heavier than me I don’t think I did too bad.

Looking to beat him by the end of the year.


12-2 / 12-3 Millard Iron man Tournament

Did okay at this tournament. Its all the toughest teams in the state except for two or three (then they are a little below average, like my team). i had to wrestle on the independent team, which is like the best JV guys put on their own team. I lost my first match, got killed. Pinned really quick. The next match the 138 on my team hurt his knee so I had to wrestle for him and I wrestled the same kid, scored a takedown and some back points, but he ended up pinning me again, I need to work off getting off bottom. Wrestled a kid from Wasatch twice, close match both times but lost. Got killed by last years state runner up from Cedar. I ended up going 2 – 5. I beat Hurricane and South Sevier. Wasn’t a horrible tournament, but I should have been able to beat the Wasatch kid. Just couldn’t get to my offense very good like I should have. Need to work on some things next week, I’ll do better next week. Can’t get any worse, only where to go is up, just have to keep improving.


I don’t understand it. Yesterday I lost to cruz again. he pinned me quick. coach said he caught me. i was starting to think he was really just leaps and bounds a head of me. but then today went about even with him and scored some takedowns and overall i’d say i was the aggressor and probably would have won in a real match. i don’t know if i psych myself out or what. he’s not that good. i should be beating him.

we wrestle off again next week. maybe then i will beat him.

in other news, i broke my nose yesterday in practice. it’s pretty swollen and has a nice lump of the bridge of it and is a little crooked. get bloody noses easy as hell now in practice. pisses me off i have to stop wrestling, stop the bleeding put a nose tampon in and restart. this weekend should be fun. i’m wrestling on the independent team so i will get all varsity matches.

Failing at the Paleo diet. I do in the morning and at night but the school either serves some fat, artificial shit or i get home and my parents have made something that isn’t too unhealthy but still not allowed in Paleo. Like Breaded Pork chops, would be allowed if it wasn’t breaded. Oh well. its a hard diet to follow, so even if I can get 2 solid paleo meals I’ll be okay. Maybe I could even break it down and get 4 – 5 smaller meals.

I’m out for the night. Peace


practice went good. i wrestled with connor. we went over a lot of bottom stuff. building your base, standing up from a return, and a switch from a return. after we learned technique and drilled we wrestled a 20 minute match for conditioning. i broke connor mentally and physically. he gave up, was standing straight up half the time and i just kept scoring, on my feet, top and bottom. i dont think he ever got in deep on my leg, i was never in any danger of giving up a takedown, he pinned me once. he caught me on a bad double leg.

it was good practice. we have red and white night tomorrow, which is pretty much wrestle offs. i think i’ll be wrestling cruz. he’s tough, but i will kill him. if i have to rip his fingers or shoulder off to win, i’ll do it. i want to win more than anything.

anyways, i’m out for the night. peace