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Escapes and Bottom Wrestling

Watched a lot of college wrestling today. I realized that getting up off the bottom, and bottom wrestling general is just about attitude. There isn’t a certain move that will magically get you off the bottom. Just like there isn’t a move that will take your opponent down every time, or a move to pin your opponent every time.

There is a lot of bottom technique. A lot of escapes. A lot of reversals. Without the attitude and the confidence of “I’m going to get to my feet, no matter what” you probably won’t get off the bottom. This also comes back to mental toughness. If you get taken down, you gotta know that you can get up and face the guy and escape. If not, the guy is going to pound your face in the mat and turn you. You gotta be able to come off the bottom.

I’m choosing to work on a tripod stand up. I’ve watched Mike Evans of Iowa and Matt McDonough hit it a few times and I really liked it, and I’m taller so I think it will work well.

Something hit me and I’m starting to feel like I’m getting my edge back. I think a lot of it was I lost interest in the sport, and got a little bit less tough. Wrestling Payson, witnessing the ass whooping we got I realized if I’m going to take state or place, I’m going to have to be tough. I’m going to have to be confident. So, I thought about this all day. Getting off bottom, is about attitude. I Will Come Off Bottom. I Will Not Die On Bottom. I Will Not Get Pinned. I Will Get Up.

Between working on gaining this attitude and getting my edge and mental toughness back, and then working on one escape, I plan to be able to come off bottom.

I also plan to work on my conditioning a lot in the next month.

Mental toughness + Conditioning + Extra Technique Work = Confidence
Confidence = More wins.

This was my thought for the day. Hope you liked it. Feel free to comment. Peace


things to work on

gotta few things to work on, sort of a wrestling agenda for this week. i did okay this weekend, not horrible, but there was some matches I should have won that i didn’t do what i needed to to get it done.

first up on the list is turning from the top position. i’d like to learn a cradle series, maybe a crossface cradle and an inside cradle with a few finishes for each. next up on my list is popping my hips when i throw. i need to learn step in, and get a good pop so i can toss them from my overhook position and not get bodylocked and then bear hugged. next up is circling, and not backing up and getting called for stalling. i backed up a lot in my manti match and gave up a point for stalling – part of this has to do with my conditioning. my conditioning is next on this list.

i’m not really sure where my conditioning is at. i have a pretty bad cold and don’t feel all that great and i have asthma on top, so combined with a cold it’s throwing me off a little. i felt good during the delta duel match, went all three periods and wasn’t way tired at the end, this was when i first started getting sick. at the juab tournament, by the third period i was extremely tired and didn’t do what i needed to do to score when i should have. regardless, i’m going to work on my conditioning more so even in tough, tight matches i will be able to stay calm and confident as i know i am in better shape.