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Had practice today. My partner was a lot heavier than me, but also basically our only chance of having a state champion wrestler this year. I wrestle 138, he wrestles 182. He doesn’t cut so it was only about 40 pound difference and I’m flexible and quick enough that I could use it against him.

During live drills we went about 50-50 with him winning some, and me winning some.

After drills, we did a live match before conditioning. I wrestled him still. He took me down from a front headlock. Held me down the whole first period. Second period, I was stuck on bottom for almost the whole first half of the period, probably about 45 seconds or so. Got to my tripod and got out. He basically stalled for 30 – 45 seconds, I got very offensive. I hit a few over collar shrugs, missed the single and ankle pick from it, barely. I missed it probably 3 – 5 times. With ten seconds left, I hit a duck under but couldn’t get him on the mat before time ran out. Score: 2 to 1 going into the third. He chose down. Ran my spiral and got legs in, held him down the whole period. He bellied out and didn’t work. I was trying to work a power half series almost the whole time, I switched to a Guillotine but couldn’t get it, went back to my power half series. He stalled the whole time, I switched from cross body to parallel leg riding and just couldn’t manage to turn him. Final score: 2 to 1. I probably should have cut him and looked for the takedown, but since he was about 45 pounds heavier than me I don’t think I did too bad.

Looking to beat him by the end of the year.



today was a short practice. only about an hour and a half. pretty much to get your weight off. i walked in kind of heavy. woke up at 141.6. ate two eggs and had a tangerine.

for lunch, i ate what i shouldn’t have. i had a scoop of mash potatoes and white gravy and two rolls – probably the worst thing i could have eaten. went into practice probably 142.5 – 143.5. forgot to check.

had a good, hard warm up. wrestled one live match, which i beat connor 10 – 2. Major Decision. did 3 man groups after, i won every time i wrestled. then we did 3 over times with barrel/monkey rolls.

left weighing 139.3. i need to weigh 140 tomorrow. i weighed 139.8 at home, going with the wrestling room’s scale. after my shower i was 139.6 at home, so probably about 139.1 on the wrestling scale. eating a little bit of ramen noodles and some water. if i’m under enough in the morning i’ll probably have some eggs.

anyways, i’m out. later

edit: went for a 2 mile jog. lost a pound. back to 140.0. had a tangerine, took my l glutamine supplement and now i’m sipping a gatorade. should be good to go and easily make weight tomorrow.


How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? Hope it was good and you ate a lot. I still feel full from yesterday and I didn’t even eat very much. Been real low on weight lately. Sticking around 140 when I wake up. Not complaining, but I might mess that up today. My dad’s making biscuits and gravy. I’ll be okay to splurge once ha ha.

Started today off with some coffee, read some wrestling forums and now I’m watching John Smith. Few guys on thewrestlingtalk critiqued my match. i like to try and wrestle like John Smith, well, John and Cael I guess. They told me I need to wrestle with heavy hands in the tie and move my feet more, and take advantage of my short offense and reshots. Also that I need to use circling more and not so much off the forward/backward movement. Good dose of shadow wrestling and extra drilling should help that.  I never realized how often I could shoot a low single reshot. Definitely need to capitalize on that.

Today is just going to be a light day, since i skipped my rest day yesterday. Going to hit a few pistols on each side, work on some static handstand holds, few handstand push ups maybe, not really sure yet, we’ll see though. I’ll edit and post the workout in a bit after I eat breakfast and let it settle.

20 Pistol Squats L/R for Time

Not too bad of a workout, but a challenge nonetheless. I’m not very good at pistols on my left leg so they were broken a lot. My right leg were all unbroken, I went 10 L/R, 5 L/R, and 5 L/R. Left leg was broken a lot, I did the first 7 or 8 unbroken and then it was every 2 – 4 pistols, they got broken. Not too bad of a time though I don’t think. I’d like to get it in under 3, but I’ll be shaving :49 off, if I keep working pistols as much as i have been lately (i do two or three at a time a few times a day) then this time should go down. I did about 15 pistols earlier today just messing around with them, so I’m not mad about this time. If you try this workout, post your time to the comments section.

11-23 wrestling practice

there wasn’t supposed to be practice today because it’s a holiday weekend and a half day, not moratorium yet, but coach tanner didn’t think people would come today. but anyways, coach mark called me and we met at the school and wrestled for about two hours.

we went over front headlock defense – because of what happened last night. we also went over high single finishes, low single finishes, ankle picks, and then on top he really stressed staying behind the arms, covering an ankle and then if someone short sits on you and keeps their elbow in and palm up, instead of coming over top of the arms, to just c grip the back of his elbow and push it so you can get to a two on one. on bottom we worked palm up, elbow in when you are in a short sit position.

i learn so much when i work with coach mark. he taught me some shadow drills, like a level change drill with a reach and then you squat back up. helps with leg strength and makes your stance and level change better, you could do it with a partner if you had one. good practice. even though it was only me and coach mark, oh well, while everyone else is eating and hanging out with friends i’m doing the things they aren’t willing to do and getting better.

9/8 workout

Max Push Ups 2 minutes


Max Janda Sit Ups 2 minutes


Handstand Push Ups 3 x 3

Oblique Planks 1 minute each side

Easy workout here, surprisingly sore after wrestling today and yesterday. gotta get tougher and start doing hard workouts again.  Tried out Janda sit ups for the first time, good burn in the abs, need to start working my core a little more. Need to make a wrist roller to to get those forearms and grip nice and strong.


wrestled at the high school today. i need a harder partner to wrestle. I’m not going to get any better destroying the same kid over and over. I hit a lateral drop and two double over step behind throws, an arm throw, bunch of low singles, blast doubles, normal doubles, duck unders, etc. I hit pretty much everything I know. I think he’s making me worse because I;m starting to get sloppy, which is bad.

Been feeling a little weird about wrestling, well, life lately. I try to keep my personal life out of this blog but I hate talking about this shit with people, but I’m going to post it here ha.

I feel like I’m falling behind, social skills wise. I feel like I should care and try to get better at the social side of life, but I just don’t care. I wanna be a good wrestler. I don’t give a shit if I’m good at talking to girls and getting them to like me. The only thing I’m interested in is wrestling and some times music. I don’t really care about anything else, I was trying to think of things I’d talked about with different people a little bit ago. I only remember the wrestling topics. Well, and I remember earlier today some girls asked me about the bruise on my forehead that I must have got wrestling at UVU and my cauliflower ear. Ha. Its funny, only two years in and I have a cauliflower ear and the other one is started, but I don’t care. I know I should, but I don’t. I just want to be a good wrestler. And I believe I am getting better and getting to where I’m a good wrestler, but then I want to be a better wrestler and then a great wrestler. I wanna win state titles. I wanna work for those state titles.

I only care about wrestling and keeping my grades up. Nothing else matters. People try and bring me down all the time, make fun because I don’t have a girlfriend or even a girl that likes me as more than a friend, but it doesn’t matter. I’m tired of being so damn meek when people say shit. I think I’m just going to start being more aggressive. Maybe it will carry over to the mat.

Sorry for the long rant, just felt like I needed to post it, it sounds whiny. I hate it ha ha. Peace

9/7 wrestling at uvu

went 1 – 1. my first match i lost to a JR High State runner up from Delta. The score was like 8 to 4 or 8 to 3 or something, within the range that i can beat him if I work harder, I’m pissed I didn’t win and I gave up a shitty take down from missing an arm throw. Won my other match 8 – 2. cored on two low doubles and one blast double. He turned me on a barbed wire and I was just short of turning him on a turk, I need to work in my tie ups more. I feel like I’m getting dominated in them. And need to work on getting deeper in my shots and keeping my head up when I shoot, but other than that I feel okay. I know I can go with these guys and I know I can be a champ if I work hard. Anyways, I’m outie for now, peace